About Us


Welcome to PaoCha, a Chinese Tea and Dim Sum food experience.

The term PaoCha to the Chinese is what Put The Kettle On is to a Londoner, and that’s basically what we do. PaoCha doesn’t just brew any old builders cuppa though, we do as the Chinese do.

We want you to share our passion (well absolute obsession) for traditional Chinese tea (there is a whole unknown world of it out there) and food (we really need to persuade you Chinese food as you know it is not the real deal!)

We will be able to talk you through traditional Chinese tea and food customs as you delight in a harmony of oriental fervour and sensory highs.

The Tea

With hundreds of aromas of Chinese tea to be exploring, we would like to introduce the diversity of this delightful beverage; from your Longjing green tea, to a dark Yunnanese Pu’er, PaoCha  serves these delightful and unusual teas in a traditional Chinese GongFu tea ceremony.

The Food

Where London does brunch, Southern China does Dim Sum; a good selection of small light dishes with anything from dumplings, to steamed buns to moon cakes! We serve both traditional Chinese dishes, and also dishes we have taken from China but added an exciting twist. We serve our food in true Chinese dim sum style which means that everything is brought to the table in sharing bamboo steamers or shared dishes for diners to help themselves (making the whole experience a lot more sociable!).


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