The Team

Sam and Alex are both China-crazy, food enthusiasts (well particularly Alex) and tea lovers (much more Sam). Having met whilst studying hard for a Masters at the School of Oriental and African Studies, a couple of years later, they sought to bring their passions together in a new venture. We bring you the eclectic and delightful world of Chinese food and tea!

10848854_10204803709064933_6523878959498938362_oAlex is a 吃货(said cheurr-whore), otherwise known as The Foodie. To him, good food is one of the basic pillars of life, therefore cooking and experimenting with food has taken up rather an unhealthy amount of time. As a perfectionist though, the practice seems to have paid off as he now can magically conjure up all sorts of tasty treats. Turning down several offers of food start-ups, Sam has somehow managed to lure him away from his pad in Berlin to the bright lights of London on a new Asian epicurean adventure.

IMG_1810Sam is the tea-devotee. Not any old tea though. Having spent over two years in China’s southern provinces (the heart of Chinese gongfu tea), and practicing her Mandarin Chinese by exploring tea fields and talking to tea masters over a cup of ‘cha’ in local tea houses, this fed her obsession with Chinese tea, (in particular the gorgeously buttery Tie Guan Yin, an oolong from the mountains of Fujian Province). Moving back home, she wanted to bring back all these enchanting and mysterious tea leaves to the streets of her local Streatham and show people why she had become such a tea obsessive!


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