Alex the anosmic

“Can you smell something burning?” Does that sound familiar Sam? Normally though, when the topic is first touched upon, people start by asking: “What do you smell/taste?” or something along these lines. Yes that’s right, I do not possess the sense of smell, I am anosmic:
Anosmia (/ænˈɒzmiə/) is the inability to perceive odour or a lack of functioning olfaction. (Wikipedia, 2015)
For as long as I can remember I have never had a “nose” and I can’t say that I have ever missed it. You might wonder what it is I can taste while eating and how I manage to cook. As some might have already guessed, I am limited to the five different taste buds found on a human tongue; salt, sour, sweet, bitter and umami (I leave that last one to your own research, dear reader). Cooking, seasoning? I dare say I have roughly the same idea of how much of any herb, spice etc. to put in a dish as any other experienced cook. For anything only detectable via one’s beak, I have to rely on my observation of other people’s reaction.
So there you have it, technically yes, I am disabled but compared to lacking any of the other senses, I think it is the lesser evil.
Smell you later!

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