People ask where my obsession with tea came from. To be honest, I think as soon as you taste the tea I have tasted, questions will no longer be asked. But, just in case I am biased, I will still attempt to answer this question.

If I think back to my university days, I was caught muttering to myself, ‘I love how tea is that little bit thicker than water‘. No, I have never lived it down. And no, what I said makes no sense. But at the time of saying it I was deep in my own thoughts, oblivious to the world, with a feeling of content. And that is why I love tea. Its the best thinking drink. It is almost like wine, but socially acceptable at all times, doesn’t bring out the alcohol anger, and comes sans (without) hangover. What else could you ask for? (apart from the fact it is also warming, has hundreds of health benefits and has a diverse range of aromas.. of if we are being posh, palettes). More  tea knowledge from the tea obsessive to come.


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